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7230 Gymleco Recumbent Bike

Our reclining exercise bike offers a variety of functional features.

This bike is very stable and quiet. Very high quality plastic parts, stable and silent.

The ergonomic backrest makes the bike comfortable and easily adjusted to the right angle from the sitting position.

The distance between the pedals and the seat is easily adjusted to suit both the shortest and the longest persons.

  • The bike has an advanced but user-friendly display that shows time, distance, speed, speed, level, calorie burn, heart rate and power.
  • With a few simple button presses you select one of the 18 programs.
  • With the wheels you can easily move it to the desired position.
  • The handles have heart rate monitors as well as easy adjustment of the resistance level.
  • Maximum user weight is 180 kg. 
  • Measures: Length (L) 180 cm Width (W) 71 cm Height (H) 133 cm
  • Weight 80 kg