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030 Gymleco Shoulder Press

Get effective shoulder training with Gymleco Iso Lateral shoulder press. This type of shoulderpress is renowned for giving better muscle development than free weights alone.

The adjustable backrest provides great scope for variation and is suited to all types of users. Individual levers and inward motion makes the machine very effective and safe.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard color cushion: Black / Red

  • Measures:
    L: 130 cm
    W: 114 cm
    H: 149 cm
  • Weight: 111 kg


  • GYMLECOS unique lever with optimal biomechanics, which gives the right load distribution throughout the movement.

  • Easy to set up.

  • Balanced lever.

  • Long operating range.

  • Rubberized handle.

  • 4 weight hangers included.