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190 Gymleco Adjustable Bench

Gymleco adjustable bench with easy adjustment of seat and back. The bench is extremely stable in it’s fine design and has well thought out details.

The unique back cushion does your workout ultimate as it frees up space for you to do for example flies without receiving it at the shoulders.

The bench can be fixed to the floor with three pre-drilled holes. Led by 4 sturdy ball bearings that make the bench life last.

This is a bench that is a must in your gym, and it is suitable for both large commercial gyms as well as for the smaller gym at the company or home.

  • Measures:
    L: 125 cm
    W: 45 cm
    H: 43,5 cm
  • Weight: 25,5, kg
  • Width cushion: 240-330 mm
  • Brand: Gymleco