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351 Gymleco Triceps Extension

The comfortably rounded rubber multi-grip gives you the freedom to find your personal grip on the handles.

The anatomical path of movement is soft and gentle. In addition, it relieves the elbow joints and completely removes the stress from the shoulders.

The footrest provides stability to the workout. The unique lever makes it easy to start and finish the exercise.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard cushion color: Black

  • Measures:
    L: 130 cm
    W: 60 cm
    H: 140cm
  • Weight: 182 kg
  • Weight magazine: 100 kg
  • Gymleco’s unique camshaft, which provides the right load throughout the movement.
  • No settings are needed.
  • Footrests provide better stability.
  • Long movement. Ergonomic grip.
  • Larger weight block (optional).