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824F Gymleco Urethane Fractional Bumper Plates

Gymleco’s Mini weights or so-called Fractional plates are weight plates in sizes between 0.5 kg and 5 kg.

The weights are used to successfully increase the barbell training for personal development!

Fits all Olympic barriers, 50 mm in diameter. The weights are widely used by personal trainers and are intended for progressive strength training but also for rehabilitation training.

Perfect to use when your personal development is in focus and you want to beat your personal records in barbell exercises with small weights. See details for all weights below.

  • Available in sizes and colors:
  • 0,5kg: Color: White, Thickness 10mm, Diameter 130mm
  • 1 kg: Color: Green, Thickness 13,5mm, Diameter 155mm
  • 1,5kg: Color: Yellow, Thickness 18mm, Diameter 172mm
  • 2 kg: Color: Blue, Thickness 18mm, Diameter 186mm
  • 2,5kg: Color: Red, Thickness 19mm, Diameter 205mm
  • 5 kg: Color: Grey, Thickness 24mm, Diameter 225mm