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LN9 Gymleco Smart Treadmill, Touch Screen

This treadmill called LN9 is an extraordinary cardio machine. It is neat and compact but still stable and robust. The treadmill is extremely comfortable to train in and gives the feeling of flying forward.

You as a gym owner can be comfortable in having found a treadmill that holds the measure for daily use. The LN9 Treadmill is easy to use and understand. Therefore, this treadmill is suitable for everyone regardless of the experience in training.

The treadmill is designed with a modern 19.5 inch display with touch screen and wifi. The control display has a very simple and clear menu system where you can, among other things, choose which environment you want to walk and run in, in addition, the speed is adjusted according to the environment in the screen when selecting that program.

This treadmill is designed to be perfectly suitable for commercial use and is therefore a good choice for all kinds of gyms: commercial gyms, company gyms, gym at the spa or at a hotel.