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N85 Gymleco Balance Trainer ball

Gymleco Balance Trainer is a commercial half-ball that is a well-regarded tool in the gym. A new and unique training method, which makes it possible to combine aerobic, muscle and torso training.

The Gymleco Balance Trainer ball is an air-filled half ball. One of the most effective products on the market, it is suitable for both group training and individual training.

The ball is suitable for both group training and gym as well as for rehabilitation.

  • Double-layered platform and non-slip straps for extra high performance, durability and grip
  • Two recessed handles on the underside and sides make it easy to turn over or carry the plate
  • Multifunctional and challenging balance training for strengthening the whole body
  • Color. Black
  • Brand: Gymleco
  • Commercial use
  • Pump and handles are included