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Multi Functional

Gymleco offer modern range of multi gyms and cable station machines which are engineered to provide optimal function and designed to save space with a compact design. All of our multi gyms and cable machines are designed for a smooth user experience which provide less resistance and better training experience.
The powerband used in our multi gyms and cable machines lifts with the band wheels which centralizes the band to allow a comfortable smooth run. When using our machines you will have a better workout experience because our band provides an even run compared to other cable machines.
All of our machines are designed to be modern and reliable with innovative details. If desired all of our machines can be ordered with weight stacks customized for the users needs.
  1. 725 Gymleco Cable Cross - Gymleco Nederland
  2. 369 Gymleco Multi Hip - Gymleco Nederland
  3. 365B Gymleco Lumbar / Abdominal (with Armrest) - Gymleco Nederland
  4. 365A Gymleco Lumbar / Abdominal - Gymleco Nederland
  5. 356 Gymleco Forearm - Gymleco Nederland
  6. 355 Gymleco Biceps / Triceps - Gymleco Nederland
  7. 354 Gymleco Dip Machine with Shoulder Pull - Gymleco Nederland
  8. 349 Gymleco Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl - Gymleco Nederland
  9. 335 Gymleco Rear Deltoid Shoulder / Pec Deck - Gymleco Nederland
  10. 314 Gymleco Chins / Dip Multi Machine - Gymleco Nederland
  11. 255 Gymleco Biceps / Triceps Extension - Gymleco Nederland
  12. 245 Gymleco Leg Press / Hacklift - Gymleco Netherlands
  13. 226 Gymleco Dual Adjustable Pulley - Gymleco Nederland
  14. 225 Gymleco Cable Cross - Gymleco Nederland
  15. 215K Gymleco Multi Gym with Cable Cross - Gymleco Nederland
  16. 215DK Gymleco 8 Stack Multi Gym Station - Gymleco Nederland
  17. 215 Gymleco Multi Gym/ Four Station - Gymleco Nederland
  18. 214 Gymleco Lateral Pulldown/ Seated Row - Gymleco Nederland