Warranty - ISO-9001

Gymleco’s unique warranty ensures that your training equipment always work. We can confidently guarantee that our equipment is designed and manufactured with the goal of high performance combined with maintenance free operation. In order to maintain a top tier performance, Gymleco follows the ISO-9001 insurance system.

We offer a unique coverage for various equipment parts. All of our spare parts are kept readily available for quick delivery. A lifetime warranty is provided on all steel frames and weldings, flange bearings, weight stack, engraving, shock absorbing discs in weight stack, weight stack bars, bar hangers and cam shaft. The lifetime guarantee includes fabrication and material errors.

A 10 year warranty is provided on Powerband (only 300-Series), the band stretching system, bearings and band wheels, the seat adjustment system, all setting possibilities, and the rubber handles. Guarantee is also provided on fabrication and material errors.

One year warranty on pads and one year warranty on the Powerband (200-Series)

ISO-9001 Quality Insurance System

At Gymleco we work in accordance with the ISO Quality Insurance System in order to maintain control and improve all production simultaneously as changes are implemented. This coordination allows the manufacturing process to be much more efficient and delivers a better product to customers.

The goals under ISO-9001 are as follows: superior quality, accurate delivery, best price, quick production and service. All Gymleco products are produced in-house which allows us to maintain the production and quality.

We take pride in all of our products as we strive to provide the finest gym equipment on the market.