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        Time for new gym equipment?

         Let us help you make your gym more profitable.


        For gym owners is it not only important to have modern and functional gym equipment. It is also important that the gym equipment has long life span and are as maintenance free as possible. This so you can avoid disappointment from your customers for broken machines and instead give them a positive training experience.

        Gyms and Athletic Clubs are our largest customer group. Through successful partnerships we have gained extensive practical experience of what it takes to create a successful gym. One reason for this is our core idea – that the gym should be profitable. It’s that simple. But how can we at Gymleco help your gym to become more profitable? On this page we can show you how.



        Our fitness equipment boasts almost unbeatable effectiveness, important when customers are training to get results. In other words you are buying machines that offer maximum benefit for both your customers and your gym.

        Use floorspace effectively/ Layouts

        Whether you are opening a new gym or looking to supplement your existing equipment, you’ll notice that filling the space effectively is not always the easiest thing to do. The trick is to offer customers wide choices within the space you have available. We can offer advice with customised layouts that optimise your area and let you make the most of your budget. Contact us so we can discuss you and your company’s needs. We have also paid attention when designing our fitness machines so that they take up as little space as possible. If you use smart layouts more customers can use the gym at the same time.

        Make the best use of your staff

        Since our exercise equipment is easy to use and has clear signs and instructions your staff don?t need to show customers how the equipment works.

        Avoid breakdowns

        The quality of our fitness machines means that you do not have to waste money on repairs or spare parts. We also offer the most generous waranties on the market.

        These are just four ways we can help you make your gym more profitable. Contact us to find out more!