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023 Gymleco Pec Deck, Adjustable with Individual Arms

Gymleco’s new addition to free weight machines is a long-awaited Pec Deck machine. The machine has individually loaded weight arms that share the load equally between the left and right chest muscles.

Gymlecos Pec Deck machine has adjustable angle in 5 different positions, from 2 negative positions (for lower chest muscle) and neutral position, to 2 positive positions (for upper chest muscle)

The machine’s back cushions are split and angled sideways. Then the debt rests quietly against the naturally outward-angled cushions, which causes the shoulders to move naturally.

  • Adjustable with individual arms

  • The back pads are split and angled sideways for the ultimate range of motion

  • Dimensions: Length: 160 cm, Width 165 cm, Height 90 cm

  • Weight: 100 kg

  • Frame color: Black
  • Cushion color: Black / Red