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028 Gymleco Chest Press Standing

Optimum chest development comes from correct and variable movement.

This Standing Chest Press from Gymleco is a plate loaded machine for easily adjusted weight resistance. Instead of one foot platform, we have made two to optimize the machine for all body lengths.

The Standing Chest Press machine gives a great chest workout with minimum load on the lower back. The machine has easily access due to the open design in front.

Pressing from a standing position automatically puts your body into a very solid, grounded position to press from allowing you to focus fully on your chest for maximum muscle fibre recruitment.

The handles are completely adjustable in 7 different grip heights and totally 10 different grip angles.

The compact design with the correct movement makes this a great addition to any serious gym.

  • Standing position works pecs in a different way allow new muscle stimulation & growth
  • Fully adjustable handles for height and width
  • Compact and smart design by Gymleco
  • Extra Foot Platform to optimize for all body lengths
  • 7 Grip Heights, totally 10 Grip Angles
  • Measures:
    Length: 152 cm
    Width: 100 cm
    Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 135kg