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031 Gymleco Shoulder Rotation Seated

Gymlecos machine for shoulder workouts offers effective training with shoulder rotation. The machine allows you to work and pull evenly throughout the entire movement.

The balanced arms provides an easy start position and is advantageous in forcing the user to pull evenly throughout the movement.

This makes the workout safer and more effective. The arms also allow you to easily add to the desired load. The machine effectively exercises the central shoulder muscles.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard color cushion: Black / Red

  • Measures:
    L: 105 cm
    W: 114 cm
    H: 135 cm
  • Weight: 95,5 kg
  • GYMLECOS unique arms with optimal biomechanics, which gives the correct load distribution throughout the movement.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Balanced arms.
  • Long range of motion.
  • Rubberized handles.
  • 2 weight hangers are included.