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331 Gymleco Shoulder Rotation Seated

Smooth is just the first name. This machine can do wonders with the external shoulder muscles.

The movement curve and the design of the seat posture with chest support provide maximum contact.

Training becomes better and safer than with free weights and the individual construction makes it possible to alternate. Fits as well for the elite trainer as for rehabilitation.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard cushion color: Black / Red

  • Measures:
    L: 87 cm
    W: 75 cm
    H: 135 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Weight magazine: 80 kg
  • Gymleco’s unique individual camshafts, which provide the right load throughout the movement.
  • Long movement. Individually balanced arms.
  • Balanced counterweights for low take-off loads.
  • Larger weight block (optional).