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333 Gymleco Rear Deltoid Shoulder

Certainly one of the world’s best shoulder machines. Thanks to its unique design with articulated handles, you work optimally with the rear part of the shaft.

Individual loading of the arms increases freedom of movement. A machine that makes it easy and fun to train one of the forgotten but important muscles in the back of the shoulder.

Articulated handles make the machine suitable for everyone. Excellent for rehabilitation training.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard cushion color: Black / Red

  • Measures:
    L: 147 cm
    W: 70 – 174 cm
    H: 149 cm
  • Weight: 224 kg
  • Weight magazine: 100 kg
  • Gymleco’s unique individual camshafts, which provide the right load throughout the movement.
  • Gymleco’s unique leading handle that prevents the back muscles from taking over the work.
  • Stepless adjustment of seat.
  • Individually balanced arms.
  • Larger weight block (optional).