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335 Gymleco Rear Deltoid Shoulder / Pec Deck

Thanks to the movable handles that adjust to the reach of the arms, the back of the shaft is maximally activated.

This exercise is very important as the back muscles of the shoulder are often weakened and tense.

One of the few combined Pec Deck and Rear Deltoid Shoulder machines with biomechanical movement. Dense division with 2.5 kg between the steps gives low and soft starting load.

Standard frame color: Black
Standard cushion color: Black / Red

  • Measures:
    L: 147 cm
    W: 70 – 174 cm
    H: 149 cm
  • Weight: 224 kg
  • Weight magazine:100 kg
  • Gymleco’s unique individual camshafts, which provide the right load throughout the movement.
  • Easy to switch between exercises.
  • Two different starting positions for Pec Deck.
  • Long movement.
  • Larger weight block (optional).