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725 Gymleco Cable Cross

Gymlecos  Cable Cross machine with 2 x 75 kg weight magazine. Ideal for the smaller gym, company gym and home gym. The Cable Cross features a compact, stylish and stable design of high quality.

Designed and manufactured by Gymleco. The frame color is black and the weight magazine is with 75kg on each side. The Cable Cross has adjustable draw heights for the handles and a multi-grip Pull up rack. The machine is available in three different heights, 200 cm / 209 cm / 225 cm. See other dimensions below.

NOTE: Not for commercial use!

  • Supplied almost completely assembled on a half pallet
  • Available in three different heights, see below for dimensions
  • 2×75 kg magazine, 5kg start + 14x5kg
  • 2 pieces of nylon handles are included 
  • Frame color: Black 
  • Measures: Length 325 cm, Height 200 cm / 209 cm / 225 cm