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788 Gymleco Slamballs 2-80 KG

Gymlecos Slamballs gives you the opportunity for a variety of functional exercises and thanks to the fact that we have developed Slamballs in various sizes you can adjust your weight on the Slamball according to your ability and wishes.

Gymlecos Slamballs are available in weights from 2 kg up to 80 kg for those who want to lift really heavy.

Our Slamballs are designed and made of the highest quality, to give the market balls that really keep what they promise. Our Slamballs are made with a thick rubber casing which makes the ball extremely durable for violent throws and thus perfect for commercial use in gyms and boxes.

  • Available in sizes: 2kg-4kg-6kg-8kg-10kg-12kg-15kg-20kg-25kg-30kg-35kg-40kg-45kg-50kg-55kg-60kg-70kg-80kg

  • Brand: Gymleco

  • Sold piece by piece

  • Very grip-friendly material

  • Color: Black with Gymleco logo and weight marking in white print