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LE22 Gymleco Stair machine, Commercial

The new innovation is here to stay. The stair machine is the new generation of cardio machines. It is designed to give you completely new training experiences and has a high-tech system with AC motor and transducer.

Vary and maximize your cardio training with stair climbing, we can guarantee a challenge for your strength training.

The stair machine has become a big part of many people’s training sessions, especially on the leg sessions. Therefore, the stair machine is a given choice in the gym and is available in most commercial training facilities today. Simple and flexible screen with functions for everyone to understand.


  • Measures:
    Length: 156 cm
    Width: 100 cm
    Height: 214 cm
  • Door opening with a width of 100 cm is required
  • Ceiling height 270 cm is required for a person who is 195 cm tall
  • Step area: 53 x 24.6 x 190 cm
  • Starting height: 26cm, Step height: 19cm
  • LED DOT-MATRIX Display: Level, Calories, Time, Distance, Speed, 14 programs
  • Polar compatible, USB charger
  • Maximum user weight 180 kg