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LHR900 Motorless Treadmill with Magnetic Brake

More about the motorless treadmill


This motorless treadmill is perfect for your functional box and professional gym. First it’s completely motorless which means that you don’t need any electricity to power it. You therefore minimise the cost in your gym. You only need four AA Alkaline batteries to power the display where time, speed, calories and distance are shown. Second it has a practical magnetic brake which lets you brake the treadmill with a simple control to the right. Just pull the level to increase the resistence and in that way slow down the treadmill. Perfect when you are running intervals and need to quickly slow down the pace or want more resistance in your training. Third, the treadmill has a shock-absorbing lamella. This means that it is both comfortable to run on and that the belt does not tear as much as a traditional belt, which leads to low service costs and a longer usage.

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Special features and details regarding the treadmill


  • Functional magnetic brake that lets you control the pace.
  • The treadmill is gentle on the knees and is therefore ideal for rehabilitation training.
  • The treadmill minimises costs since it does not need any electricity.
  • The shock-absorbing lamella technology means that the belt does not tear as much, which leads to low service costs and a longer usage. 
  • Max user weight 180 kg.

Technical specifications & Documents

Weight 165 kg
Treadmills Features


Exercise types

Functional Training, Cardio, Padel


175 cm


79 cm


160 cm


165 cm

Running area

155 x 43,6 cm